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Imagine a scenario where a multinational company hosts a single Townhall Event but has employees from each of its international offices in Cairo, Dubai, Jeddah, Doha, and Riyadh join in as a live audience - this is an example of the power of Live Video Streaming. The days of separately hosted events at different locations where recordings had to be shared are gone. With Live Video Streaming, companies can broadcast important events as they occur with anyone, in any location.

While live video streaming via the Internet is quickly becoming commonplace, companies in the UAE & Middle East are only starting to realize the tremendous marketing potential of such a platform. Businesses in Middle East, Africa and other parts of the globe are now seeking the best providers for Live Video Streaming services. Companies want exposure for their brands and live video streaming is an effective method for accomplishing this task. These services are the best way to connect with employees, customers & stakeholders around the world in real time.

Webstream provides live video streaming services to global companies, including valued clients in the UAE, Oman, Turkey, Kuwait and other countries in Middle East and Africa. Our innovative online platform offers seamless real-time streaming for events. Global companies can now depend on Webstream to enable the participation of employees & clients from around the globe, as well as, live audiences at their events.

Advantages of Webstream's Live Video Streaming Platform

  • An all-in-one platform to broadcast, publish, record, and manage HD live video streams.
  • Huge cost savings on event execution thanks to the ability to broadcast a single event across geographies.
  • Increased reach as you connect with audiences in conference halls and via laptops, desktops and mobile devices.
  • Increased participation with the reduction of event hosting costs.
  • Highly scalable streaming solutions customized to your business needs.

Webstream Communications specializes in taking your event live on the web. We have executed more than 2000 live video streaming events for businesses in the UAE, Oman, Turkey, Kuwait and other countries along with partnerships with other companies in Dubai, Jeddah, Doha, Riyadh, Cairo and other major cities. What we offer is a complete understanding of the highly competitive, tech-savvy corporate climate in Middle East and Africa, their communication objectives and in-depth technical expertise that we have successfully used to satisfy their demands over many years.

Need a quote for our Live Video Streaming Services in the Middle east or Africa? Click Here or call us on +971 56 474 9003 for a demo or to learn more about how our live video streaming production services and solutions can benefit your company.

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